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Iranian revolution - as a game?

The Iranian revolution - as a game?

An installation at Sundance takes people back to 1979, offering an immersive take on a world-changing event. Tom Brook reports.


Fish can see this illusion

Fish can see this illusion

Their brains are tricked in the same way


How India’s super-rich live

How India’s super-rich live

Where do you find evidence of India’s wealthiest? Look up, for one


Audi's wearable showroom

Audi's wearable showroom

Virtual reality headset lets car-shoppers build a dream


Nine films to watch in February

Nine films to watch in February

Action, comedy and thriller


The man who studies evil

The man who studies evil

He spots the ‘everyday sadists’ among us


Our favourite images of the week

Our favourite images of the week

Spectacular photos from past weeks

Business of tennis

Andy Murray's girlfriend

Team tennis: Does it pay?

The entourage is the highly motivated family, financial and sporting team driving their man or woman to the top. But is it worth having such a big following? BBC News investigates.

between the lines


Ten books to read in February

An exploration of journalism’s future, an adaptation of Wolf Hall and other reads critic Jane Ciabattari says should sit on your bookshelf.


Big shoes

How to get a job that’s out of your league

Why don’t the perfect candidates always get the position? Less-qualified people know these secrets about landing a job that’s too big for them.




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